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"I remember when we were having a walk in Limassol ( Cyprus ) and we found a nice shop , only for every kind of materials .. we bought a lot of them !! Our husbands had to wait for more than one hour !! Once in Madrid, we did these beautiful dresses by a designer !!!" (Maria Mendiola)

An exclusive original Baccara concert shining costume (skirt, black and white).

Great gift for all the legendary BACCARA fans! You can Boogie Woogie all night long in this amazing shirt or you can just admire it in your special celebrity memorabilia collection!

This dress was worn by original BACCARA singers during live shows, which means, it has a perfect and joyful energy and vibe! Great for all the Retro Music lovers and by all means, will be much admired and appreciated by real BACCARA fans!

Place your bids now! Important information: DreamForFan.com will contribute % from the deal to charity purposes! Wishing all the bidders - best of luck! :)


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